Welcome to Kendo Monthly

Welcome to the first issue of Kendo Monthly, the Internet’s newest global online magazine for those who practice and have an interest in this intriguing sport. We’re building this site for you—those who love kendo.

As a new publication, we are continuing to build our base of articles. As you may note, we have a few as our starters. To build on this humble beginning, we are always on the lookout for new writers who would love to write about this fantastic sport. If you love kendo, and are interested, allow me encourage you to contact us

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Kendo, “The Way of the Sword,” is a Japanese form of fencing developed in the late 1800’s as a military discipline. The original name for the art was Gekiken (which means the hitting sword), and was changed to kendo in 1920.

At Kendo Monthly we follow the art of Kendo across the world bringing you the latest in news, happenings and tournaments. The art of the shinai (the sword), and the kendoka (one who practices kendo), or kenshi (swordsman), is practiced by millions of adherents world wide. In these electronic “pages,” we will bring you information and insight of kendoka from around the world about kendo techniques, as well as everything you would want to know about kendo swords, kendo armor, kendo lessons…and the list goes on.

Allow me to thank you now for finding us at Kendo Monthly; we look forward to serving you. Please stop in again!

Ron McDonald